The Pugh Plan — Moving Baltimore Forward



“The two fastest growing populations in Baltimore City are 18-34 and 55 years of age and older. Many families don’t choose Baltimore public schools to send their children. We can change that by creating a school system with accountability that will provide our children a quality education from the cradle to college and careers.” Read More

Economic Development & Jobs

“We will partner with our private sector and philanthropic community to enhance opportunities for year round job opportunities for our youth. We will match our training programs to meet the needs of employers. We will become a more business friendly city as we eliminate unnecessary red tape in the permits and licensing process” Read More

Public Safety

“The events of this past April that began with the death of Freddie Gray and sparked destruction and protest in our streets shined a light on our city and left an impression to the nation that our city is monolithic and that we are drowning in crime and destruction. While we suffered an unusual high spike in crime it is also a wake-up call for our city. We must address the police and community divide and improve the neighborhoods that have been neglected for decades leaving the impression that we at war with our own citizens. ” Read More

Quality of Life

“Improving the quality of life for all our citizens will require a focus on eight critical areas, health, housing, transportation, lighting, property tax reduction, the environment, infrastructure, and improving our city’s image.” Read More

Accountability & Transparency

“The objective of every city agency should be the delivery of quality services to the citizenry it serves in an effective and efficient manner.” Read More